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How big is an acre?

An acre is 43,560 square feet. Depending on the layout of the lot, acreage can feel much larger or smaller. Most lots in urban areas will be equally squared off but parcels can be divided oblong or strangely in suburban or areas out of town.

What is an MLS?

An MLS is a Multiple Listing Service. MLS provides an easy to reference database of all the real estate listings in an area. It is usually run by the local Real Estate Board. The information available on an MLS is easy to access, up-to-date, and accurate.


What is Earnest Money?

Earnest money is financial collateral put up as a guarantee that the buyer intends to pursue the purchase of a piece of real estate. If the buyer fails to uphold their end of the contract, the earnest money will be forfeit to the seller. It is essentially a non-refundable down payment on a property that is applied to the overall cost of the purchase.



What are closing costs?

Buying or selling a property comesClosing costs are expenses incurred by buyers and sellers when the ownership of the property is transferred. These are usually negotiable items as to who will be responsible for their payment. Examples of closing costs include recording fees, documentary fees, real estate commission, taxes prorations, settlement fees, and title insurance.




What is included in the Square Footage?

Square footage includes finished, heated space which includes bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets, and any other living space. Areas not considered in the square footage calculation include garages, unfinished basements, and attics.




What is a contingency?

Contingencies are stipulations that allow a buyer or seller to void the contract if certain items aren’t met. For example, if a house inspection shows any non-disclosed issues, the buyer could choose to not pursue the purchase of the home. Here are other examples of real estate contingencies that you should know.







It's so easy to use you for any purchase, Paul--- or any sale. Smart, honest, enough common sense not to blow up a sale sweating the dang details, straight-up business, and hardworking enough to get the ink on the docs ... in spite of every possible mess people tend to make.  

- Kathleen O.

Working with Sherry and Paul was a great experience. We had not bought or sold a home in more than 30 years. Their knowledge of the market was invaluable in setting our sale price. They actively showed our home and kept us informed along the way. Once we received an offer on our home, they guided us through the counteroffer and inspection phase. Communication is the key in any transaction, and we could not be happier with Sherry and Paul. 

- Sue O.


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